About Us


McADOG & ASSOCIATES is a partnership of fully independent professional Consultants co- established in 1983 by Late Engr. Debo Adeoye and Engr. Lekan Ogunbayo after over 10 years of practice as Associate Partners with Edison Group & Partners.
The Firm specializes in the provision of Mechanical, Electrical and Telecom Services for Domestic, Commercial, Educational, Health and Industrial Facilities. We also handle Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electricity to Urban and Rural Areas.

Our Advantage

Our team of experienced and formidable Mechanical and Electrical Engineers are trained in the use of the industry’s best software systems and technologies!

The Added Advantage

The Partners and Staff of McADOG & ASSOCIATES have built-up vast experience in the practice of Engineering Consultancy in Nigeria.

In order to enhance the quality of services provided by the firm to meet the growing challenges in the building services industry, the firm uses the latest version of computer based building services design software packages such as HEVACOMP (Mechanical and Electrical), ECODIAL and AMTECH Designer Suite.

Our Mission

To be the most preferred solution Provider in
Building Services & Infrastructure Projects


Feasibility Studies

Our team of experienced professionals who have worked in different government and private sectors will ensure that a detailed studies is been conducted for your project.

Construction Management and Supervision

McAdog and Associate have single handedly managed and supervised projects in key sectors of the economy. If your goal is executing projects that is outstanding, efficient and meet Engineering standards then McAdog is your best bet.

Testing and Commissioning

Because our goal is giving our customers maximum satisfaction. Its our culture that we ensure installations are doing with standard engineering specifications and are tested and functional before commissioning.

Planning and Detailed Designs

The firm is equipped with professional staff knowledgeable in modern Mechanical and Electrical Engineering tools and skill set that are needed for your project.

Staff Training and Development

At McAdog "Development is everything" that is why as part of our social collateral we ensure that we train Organizations, individuals and students to becoming key players in infrastructural developments in Nigeia.

Technical Specifications

We deliver manual for products and assemblies to enhance smooth and proper installation, ensure safety, longevity and proper functionality.

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